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Pam Stenner is a delightful, independent, and hard working woman.  After receiving an inheritance, she wanted to put that money to work and not just let it sit idol doing nothing.  So, she decided to open a winery.  As her father's caregiver this was a huge undertaking, but she was determined and passionate about the project.  She moved into the space at 3980 Boat Club Road and went to work tearing up tile and building bars and tables.  The bar and tables have cork tops.  The corks are suspended in clear shellac and were donated by different people.  Each table has the name of the person who donated the corks for it. You might also see pennies suspended in the tables...these are pennies from Heaven that were found while building the winery and are reminders of who is actually in control of life and success. 

Stenner loves to socialize and talk with people.  In spite of the immense and never ending responsibility of caring for her dad who has dementia,  Pam is passionate about serving her clientele with the great taste and quality they’ve come to expect while providing them also with a variety of entertainment and endless possibilities of events that can be held in the winery.  Additionally with a wide variety of signature products catering to all budgets, N2 Vino is the perfect option for your upcoming event, party, or a quiet evening at home.

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